Galvanised Coal Bunkers & Galvanised Dual Fuel Storage Bins

Handmade to order in 24 gauge galvanised sheet steel, these fuel storage units are robust and durable.  All flat pack units are supplied with easy to follow assembly instructions.  The minimum order quantity for all products is 10 and this can consist of mixed sizes and/or products.  Please contact us for our latest prices.  If you are a retail customer and would like to buy a single coal bunker please visit our mail order website by clicking here and to order our dual fuel storage bin please click here.

Ready Assembled Galvanised Coal Bunker Dimensions

3cwt capacity = 725 W x 530 D x 785 H

5cwt capacity = 810 W x 575 D x 900 H

10cwt capacity = 1190 W x 725 D x 900 H

Flat Pack Galvanised Coal Bunker Dimensions

5cwt capacity = 770 W x 565 D x 900 H (package = 950 x 820 x 60)

10cwt capacity = 1160 W x 715 D x 900 H (package = 1210 x 940 x 60)

Dual Fuel 1 Storage Bin Dimensions
Dual fuel 1 storage bin front view

Essentially, this bin is the same as our coal bunkers but it is divided into two equal compartments so you can store the fuels logs or other fuel on one side and coal on the other, it comes with a top opening lid for filling and unloading logs and a front hatch for unloading coal/other fuels.  Not available as a ready assembled item.

10cwt capacity = 1160 W x 715 D x 900 H (package = 1210 x 940 x 60)

Dual Fuel 2 Storage Bin DimensionsDual fuel 2 storage bin front view

Divided into two equal sections to house e.g. smokeless fuel and house coal, it comes with two unloading hatches on the front.  The dimensions are identical to the Dual Fuel 1 Storage Bin above.  Not available as a ready assembled item.

Please note all measurements are given in mm.  Due to our products being handmade all sizes quoted above are approximate.

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