Corn and Storage Bins with Lids

Handmade to order in 24 gauge galvanized sheet steel, these bins are shown in our gallery below.  The lids make them extremely practical and they can be used as animal feed bins, grain store bins, log storage bins, grit/salt bins and even for storing fireworks.  The minimum trade order quantity for all products is 10 unless otherwise stated and this can consist of mixed sizes and/or products.  Please contact us for our latest trade prices and shipping costs.  If you are a retail customer and would like to buy a single bin please visit our mail order website by clicking here to see them on our Gates Railings Direct website.

Ready Assembled Corn and Storage Bins with Lids

3cwt capacity = 725 W x 530 D x 785 H

5cwt capacity = 810 W x 575 D x 900 H

10cwt capacity = 1190 W x 725 D x 900 H

Flat Pack Corn and Storage Bins with Lids

5cwt capacity = 770 W x 565 D x 900 H (package = 950 x 820 x 60)

10cwt capacity = 1160 W x 715  D x 900 H (package = 1210 x 940 x 60)

Small Corn and Storage Bins with Lids

This is an extra small version of our other corn storage bins and is made as a flat pack product.  Ideal for storing barbecue coals and keeping them dry during the notoriously damp British summer months.  The minimum trade order quantity is 20.

455 W x 435D x 585H (package = 650 x 500 x 60)

Corn and Storage Bin Partition

These slide in partitions are suitable for both ready assembled and flat pack versions of the corn storage bin.  Made from the same 24 gauge galvanized sheet steel they provide a rigid partition to the internal configuration of the bin.  We would recommend having one in the 5cwt bin and two in the 10cwt bin.

All sizes quoted are in mm and due to products being manufactured by hand the sizes quoted above are approximate.

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